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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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work have you done prior to our application. >> prior to my application and prior to being a commissioner fierro i come from the banking industry. >> from the what? the banking industry. this type of work has humbled me working for large korpgsdz you walk around with our head up not seeing what's around you. i can say working for investment banking firms kind of blinded me. when i got the opportunity to work with my first client he just opened my eyes to so many needs that agencies i'm done research i'm able to link the agencies to help them get a
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wheelchair or walker because i meet people on a coinciding process and idealogy in conversation quite easily. >> also you talked about your clients have this fear of not being able actually, it's a real fear because of the cuts that have happened and continually on the chopping block to happen have you done any work on a statewide level. >> i haven't and i'm looking at to do this. i know that i can bring about a change no matter how small it might be. i wanted to work towards something bigger >> do you have something
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specific. >> i'd like to burger to go to the state chapel i've never done that to be able to voice the need for not making the deep cuts that at the do those consumers need. the public authority has given me with counselor and they've educated me in ways i would have never thought i'd be able to >> is there any one particular area where the cuts have happened that concern you most. >> the hours i've seen a lot of my consumers lose. it can make a difference of someone coming in and making a hot meal for them or helping them get a shower or be able to go and get them food. if you take away the hours i
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mean some can't get out if they can they are vulnerable and i see them a lot on the street they're out there 0 with no assistance they can't get on the buzz and their challenged. my heart goes out i can't help them all >> one last question what's our cross street. >> my what. >> 23rd and a okay. well future. any public comment on this item?. you have two minutes >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm patrick from the public authority my executive director wanted me to apologize for citywide i statewide meeting. as a liaison i want to express
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my support for both candidates and thank you for hearing us. before i ask for my colleagues opinion. we get to hear a lot of items in regards to items of advisors groups and many qualified people come through and also that ms. wooling i'm really excited to have somebody like you be on this authority so i'll be supporting your animates. it's a rare quality to have your background and your sensitivity.
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judith >> good afternoon and thank you for letting me me come today. i'm the dean of the university of san francisco. i've been a nurse educator for over 35 years. i come to this appointment as a health commissioner, i started in the summer i've been on the commission since genuine and have been attending the meetings in anticipation of this meeting so i've already learned so much not only that helps me to believe i can have an impact in my rolling role there but taking my xrgsz back. particularly looking at the issues we having can help people stay at home. that sensitivity for me, i'm
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glad to be here if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. >> supervisor cowen. >> so you're an educator you're in the classroom teaching. >> i'm in the dean of nursing i try to get to class, in fact, i'm going thirty this afternoon all our ph.d. students are doing their presentations and i'll be helping with that. >> can you talk your thoughts about what's happening to the cuts on health care workings from your vantage point. >> this is complex because it impacts the workers and folks that noted the services it also drives i think some long-term considerations the short term cost savings is a long-term
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deficit. over hearing some of the clients they're worried about those kits. so i that we can't just talk about the cuts what are the long-term financial as well as social complications >> what are they. aging at home and services at home should be priority because their in fact, better for the fiscal satellite as well >> thank you. no further questions and a supervisor breed >> thank you for coming to speak with us. i want to ask you what you're thoughts are on around some people who are aging in homes but are electrocuted and
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sometimes that leads to challenges of desh and those kinds of things. what's our thoughts on other ways to not only allow people to imagine a in their homes but how do we effectively service them not just physically but some of the mental champs that happen >> i'm with a psych practitioner. i was at a meeting in the institute of learning they have 8 thousand calls monthly search and seizures with the very problems their lesson so many. we have to do some innovative outreach to help our search and
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seizures who are place bound because they don't have the support to get out with other services with outreach of schools and other public entities in the city often not thought of as common ground places >> thank you. okay. thank you. >> realize i've taken public comment too early, however, any public comment on this item?. seeing none, public comment is closed. so do we have a motion to move this forward those appointments to the full board >> mr. chair.
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>> let me finish with patricia and dr. cars on seat 8. supervisor breed first >> well, that was i wanted to make a motion we have two very excellent candidates i'm excited their voids will be heard and with president i'd like to move patricia for seat 4 and the other person for seat 8 with positive recommendations from the religiously. >> i want to say i seconded that i have a lot of folks that are beneficiaries of the health care and people that are employed as health care workers a lot of
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folks help to take care of people and i did my master thesis on aging in place. you ladies have a commitment to really continue to move forward and love to work with you as we continue to advocate the cuts open the state level as we protect folks to make sure itself funding is robust. so mr. chair i'd like to second the motion it supervisor breed made >> wkts 9 motion passes. congratulations >> congratulations. >> madam clerk item 7. >> item 7 hearing to appoint two members to the w6 investment advisory committee there are 2 seats 3 applicants. >> we'll call the applicant in the order they appear on the
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agenda. >> yes parish. currently i'm the co-chair of the committee and have had some great success working with the y came back. just to give you a little bit which a background i'm the president and questioning ceo of the red directorship we've been around since 2009. we work with community based organizations like c.j. c.j. and m-3 as well as the developers to provide solar training to young adults. i want to phone call on m-3 today ways that is the community based organization that's a 501-c 3 a that's done some i didn't believe work in san
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francisco providing a mostly breakfast to people who are looking for a beacon of light to contribution from their challenges of what they've been exercising and we're presiding u providing a resource whether its job training or other services. i am could you today because my peers would like me to resubmit my application to continue to be the chair and with this i think it's great. a couple of thoughts as we the red directorship work with the organizations. i think one of the things we listen to orchestras and foud what their needs are and taking those recommendations back and presenting under no circumstances those to the committee. it's been a big challenge over
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the years because we should focus a little bit more on increasing the communication with that organization which is responsible for the federal dollars that are coming down the pike. with that said i'll to continue to co-chair the y came back. we've been getting a lot of transaction particle with collaborating with the youssef and community based organizations and will be glad to continue to serve on the w came back >> thank you. any questions. >> supervisor breed. >> how many years were you on the y came back. >> one year. >> can you talk about your accomplishments. >> we have done some off site workshops and think tangz if you
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will to better develop the communication as a consultant, if you will, to the youssef. that's been a big part of what we needed to do on the y came back. some of the other things we've done is listen to the community based organizations in a way that we could go back and make and present those recommendations to the i sever. so - >> what's in one sentence what's the mission of the workforce and advisors committee. >> to be a liaison, if you will, to the community based organizations on their on behalf of to talk. how many community based oeshthdz are there >> that's a great question. i know it's 4 of us. yeah. >> so there's just four
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nonprofits. >> there would be nonprofits 80 that are ref funding it's approximately myself it's been 7 of us. >> thank you for the question. >> yeah. sorry about that. >> supervisor breed. >> hi, and thank you for being here i want to know how is your attention on that committee. >> attention i think it's pretty sterile considering i have to chair the meetings but i think a lot of the attention with the organizations is pretty good as well so - >> okay. so have you for example, missed any meetings during this year. >> no. >> that's great, thank you. >> (laughter). >> would you like to have the first workforce vifrment do xhae
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what direction? >> well, for the most part i think just to support the community based organizations better and more effectively i think that's where the rubber hits the road. a lot of the community based organizations don't have a voice ease nancy pelosi i put in this position to be their vehicle to express what their concerns or what is working well, so the best practices can be utilized by other community based organizations >> thank you. let's see the next person here is dionne. and are you speaking for -
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>> good afternoon my name is tim waters i'm the program director for the young community. mr. dionne can't make it here today but asked if i would if it's okay with you to share a statement >> absolutely. >> thank you. first and foremost i'd like to apologize that i'm before you today. supervisor yee and supervisor breed and 0 supervisor cowen it's truly an honor to be recognized for the advisory committee. a few weeks prior to becoming aware of this meeting i was in the attention of the swearing in of the first african-american mayor in the city of hawthorne. with my nomination it would be a notable strength as an individual i've dedicated myself
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to the community and the resident of district 10 for well over 3 years by creating and implementing and seeing through various better time programs. in the long side we'll continue to slide for the uplifting growth. as we continue to advise the workforce investment san francisco over the cities workforce needs and solutions needed to resolve them. my humble regards mr. dionne >> thank you. any questions? thank you very much. thank you >> next person is (calling names). >> hello. i usually go by lilly.
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i do have my name and application a little bit history about myself. i actually started in the workforce rule as a coordinate in china town providing employment services for low income a lot of young people. i left to get my master's degree and since i've been back i'm the coordinator for the committee that's collaborative and focused on district 11. i'm also the jobs policy advocate. >> okay. any questions. >> i have a couple of of questions. >> supervisor cowen. >> i didn't have an opportunity to talk to you or but can you talk about your workforce experience. >> u6.
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>> your workforce experience elaborate. >> i started in terms of specifically workforce i worked with young people ♪ district 3 >> what did you do with them. >> i provided services directly to people cover letters pea that stuff like that outreach to the community and focused a lot more of building up their self-esteem and preparing them for the workforce. definitely have passed the young people that were part of my program they were immigrants most emigrated like in the last 3ish years so they had a huge learning curve and i maid they were prepared to go to work and learn the laws that applies as a
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young person in san francisco. that's a lot more direct services. in terms of what i do i'm the coordinator for the hall of justice that focuses on sfeesh for people with high barriers to employment. and kind of identify what our barriers for adults in the services. so trying to see how we can help people with different abilities like access like the workforce system in san francisco so we have a really good department economic workforce development but for district 11 we found there's a lot of people that are again limited english spanking speaking so they have bad barriers they might have
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documentation issues and not enough time or experience there's a mri i can't do of different barriers. so we're trying to figure out ways to support them and a not just training them but also trying to advocacy in terms of workers rights and building a cooperative. i help them >> what did you hope to accomplish. >> i actually hope to bring more of a wider community voice. i work with a lot of people i've talked about district lifting but i work with a lot of workforce cooperatives all over the city. i want to get a better sense of
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what's going on in san francisco but i want to make sure that low and moderate income folks have jobs in the city and so i want want to make sure we keep those ideas in mind when we're doing anything to support people. i think it's easy as policymakers to elect people on the committee or stuff like that to lose sight of the actual people we're servicing. that about all the different possibility of what is a barrier for them to access employment and i would want to hope to add that into the conversation >> so you think it's not happening right now. >> i think it is i think you can always add more. >> so i'm looking to get a
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feeling for what exactly tangible you said a wider community voice that's an intangible thing it's also challenging but how about a specific piece of policy or legislation or a goal in the tech industry wild to see an there in latino workings by 50 percent in two years. what exactly are you looking to do i want to know concretely so when you come back for reappointment okay. how do we measure our success? >> i think that it's very hard for me to go with numbers i know that when i was in my coordinator he helper we were focused to make sure many the young people fulfilled concern
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requirements and it didn't reflect the type of work that was done so i don't think i can give a specific 15 percent of people in san francisco are going to have jobs. i think that for me pits more of making sure there's other - their supportive services >> hue do we know you've been successful. what i'm trying to understand is how do we quantify and measure success how do i know you're doing a good job on this board that was just an example maybe it's not 15 percent just for example purposes for you what do you hope to accomplish maybe you can help me refraets my question
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if i'm not being clear and a uh-huh >> i'll let supervisor breed take a stab at it. thank you for being here today and showing interest in the particular committee one of the challenges we face in san francisco the numbers look good we're doing well, our unemployment numbers are down but that means nothing for me even when i which is before being on the board. some of the people that have some of the difficult obstacles in their way like with job opportunities they're not connecting. this is an important committee and the only person i know for a fact that has helped deal with those obstacles your mentioning
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in terms of barrier removals when i think of barrier remorse i think of taking someone to the dmv to make sure they have identifications and the person i know dionne hook eerie know he works for young community developers and i know on a day to day basis this is a challenging population one that i know needs job opportunity and needs serious barrier opportunities i know he's doing that work i hear what you're saying but i don't understand how it leads to both sides of pope's people who actually are walking away with employment opportunities that are sustainable. i know the system i'm not a fan
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of it by at the end of the day are we helping people not only organism those obstacles but helping them to get employed and what are the effective ways you can bring to the body to help us 80 get to that point >> so as part of my position as the policy jobs associate i'm working on a more citywide version of how we can employ people in san francisco. i'm focused on the first policy and trying to see the first source on paper is really good, i think we can improve it and make sure there's that connection between what the policy is and actually employing people in san francisco. i think that it's good to have those direct services. i am more of a policy person >> so your - i got you.
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you see where the barriers are and i you look at a policy solution to help with the solution that's your interest and expertise >> yeah. >> great future. >> i'd like to follow-up on the question. in regards to the work experience you've had the experience in general can you give me an example where you've seen n some issues or barriers - they can be minor barriers to move it the agenda so that some policy has been created or some solution has been created to deal with those barriers do yo


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